About Alana Ali


Hi! Welcome to My Coffee Kind of Day, and thanks for visiting my blog!

From a young age, I garnered influences from the women who shaped me. My mother and grandmother served pivotal roles during my childhood, and I imagined that being a mother myself would be equally fulfilling. Eighteen years ago, I welcomed a son, and two years later, a daughter completed the role of which I am most proud – mother. What a joy (and challenge) motherhood has been! I am fulfilled by my role in their lives, and the joy they bring to mine. Professionally, I’m 17 years vested in an enjoyable career as a human resources professional. During my day-to-day work-life balance, I share experiences with people who share a commonality – great kids! We may even share common interests of travel, food (my fav, sushi), coffee and home remodeling. You would be surprised to know that I have successfully completed a project to refinish hardwood floors!

Because education is important to me, I’m completing my bachelor’s degree with a major in public relations – Go Gators! I started this blog as an assignment, and I’ve continued it to provide insight into the oh-so-wonderful and exciting successes (and also mishaps) of raising children. These experiences have helped me become a better woman than I was before I had children, and a better mother than I was yesterday. They say (and they are right) it takes a village to raise a child – I know it took a village to raise me!

I’ve been asked: What is the best part about being a mom? Experiencing life WITH them. What’s the best advice I can give? Take LOTS of pictures and video. Choose experiences over THINGS. I’m interested in travel and cooking, so we do both – together. My children learned what its like to cry while cutting up onions, and I learned that wearing sunglasses to do so is an oh-so-funny solution.

I share my journey with you, and although I am only one perfectly imperfect perspective, I join you in appreciating the facets of encouraging and supporting great humans!

Alana Ali