Pens, paper, pencils, oh my!

As I watched the mom with two kids at the grocery store today, her cart was piled high with various food items. I also happened to notice that she was, well… preparing for (dare I say it), school shopping.

While we gear up for the new school year, our calendars are filled with messages that look like:

“Pick up kids’ school schedules tomorrow (9 a.m. to 2 p.m.)”

“Open House – Tuesday @ 6 p.m.”

“9th Grade Rising Orientation – 8/1 @ 8 a.m.”

This reminds me… Is summer really over? For those of us who work all year long, summer is that season we wish we could take off, but realize we have to go to work every day. For those who have summers off, I see you in passing at the Common Grounds Coffee Shop some mornings. Sometimes, I silently wish I could be off too. Then, back to reality.

As we piled our items onto the conveyor belt, I felt a sense of concern running through my mind. How many days do I have until school starts? How many more weekends are there?

Just as I was internalizing this feeling of urgency to suddenly back my cart out of the aisle and start some shopping, my son said “Mama, we need to start shopping for school supplies.”

And, just as quickly as he said that, I said, “Not today, son.”

Thinking school is still far away, I sense my quick answer felt like a let-down to him. Is school shopping really that much fun!? He murmured some comment about me being prepared, but he also thinks we’ll be school shopping the day after open house.

Florida’s annual back-to-school sales tax holiday starts next week, so I can’t be too far behind, right?

As we got home and unloaded groceries, I started to think about the bustle of the evening’s to-do-list. I somehow forgot about the concern for school shopping, or the fact that I am usually prepared.


Then, a text from my daughter (who has been away with friends for a few days) came in… “Mama, can we go school shopping this weekend?” As I looked at the phone, I realized school is only 15 days away. I am reminded that the lump in my throat is REAL. Preparation is key. Maybe I’ll take a hint from that mom today and start, tomorrow.

How is your school shopping coming along? Leave a comment and let me know.

Photos by Alana Ali

3 thoughts on “Pens, paper, pencils, oh my!

  1. Kristy Bristoll

    Well this is weird to say but my kids don’t have school Supply lists. I send pencils and pens and usually a few packs of paper. The school send an items needed list when they run low on the basics but last year it was mid-year, not the beginning. They go to a small private school that I love. I do however have to buy specific uniforms and pay a $350 dollar book fee for my older daughter. My son is on a state scholarship and it covers his book fee. Thankfully I don’t have to spend $400 on that mile long list x2 (that includes the wish lists that are always squeezed in at the bottom). The money is still being spent but wow a lot of stress is gone not having to hunt for the specifics.
    Sooooooo my prep is easy. 🙂 Happy Wednesday Parents


  2. Patricia

    Yes all of my son’s school shopping is done, except for the specific items the teachers will tell us about at open house. We live in a small town & waiting until the last minute only means the local Wal-Mart will be out of certain supplies that are required. Now I could go out of town shopping but I try to do as much shopping in town as possible.


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