Class of ’20 – Tied by Broken Memories

Like so many who are struggling with the disruption to daily life, social distancing, supply shortages, job loss, financial stresses, cancellation of large gatherings and milestone events, and fear of tomorrow’s unknown, one thing is certain – we are all in this together. Even the SMALLEST gesture of KINDNESS and shared COMPASSION and SHARING does not go unnoticed. Over the last few weeks, I’ve literally had more tears in my eyes, and laughter in my soul over social content than I have in many years combined. It is the motivation to be KIND and SUPPORTIVE that has deeply hit my core.

As I see all who are affected by this pandemic on a daily basis, I am reminded of the power of COMPASSION and COLLABORATION. I’ve seen people practice some really swift requests for 6-feet of space, catchy hand-washing songs, effective and thoughtful corporate communication, valuable resources, proactive teacher lesson planning, employer and state official guidance, quirky and hilarious celebrity entertainment, creative exercises, ingenious homeschooling (including digital field trips and front-door signage), work-from-home scenarios (background noises included), and journalists offering a raw view of what’s happening (even from their living rooms). We, as a WHOLE, are better for this because we COMMUNICATE, show CARE, and are fueled by COMPASSION.

It is with this deeply-seeded sense of COMPASSION that I want to highlight a group that spans across the country –  they may not know each other, but they share, in totality, a sense of great achievement and also and shared and unprecedented sense of great loss – the senior class of 2020.

This statement is not to highlight negativity, because while there is much we COULD be negative about right now, there is also so much for which we can be THANKFUL and PROUD. THANKFUL for the many people who are showing acts of kindness, showing up for work to support the needs of the many industries that are supporting us right now. And, PROUD of the collaboration, partnerships, support and encouragement being shown every minute – of every day. If you’re still on the fence about that, check Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. We have some really amazing people in this world, and we need to celebrate this!

While changes have been a daily occurrence for us all, I want to put what the C/O 2020 is going through into a visual perspective. These are memories that cannot be rescheduled or postponed because they are stitched with emotion, celebration, and companionship, and only come once in a lifetime. Many are already canceled and some, we wait…

  • Spring Break
  • Senior Trip ️
  • Grad Bash
  • Spring Sports Practice/Games/Commencement
  • Senior Prom
  • Baccalaureate Service
  • Senior Night / Scholarship Awards
  • College Commencement (dually-enrolled seniors)
  • High School Graduation
  • Project Graduation
  • SAT/ACT Re-take Opportunity
  • Student and Family College Visits
  • Dorm Tours

As my son has said several times in the last few days, “no words can make this better.” That, in the rawest and most heart-breaking sense, is right. This means:

They need our support.
They need our encouragement.
They need our love.

And while no words or monetary support can replace these forever-changed memories and the sense of heartbreak for the students and their families, in this time of unfathomable loss, a greater sense of community can MOVE mountains.

I’ve seen some amazing acts of generosity, kindness, support and guidance. In these unprecedented times, a collaboration of ideas from parents, educators, community leaders and friends can bring something to ease the deeply-seeded disappointment these seniors are facing.


What, if anything, do you suggest to raise these seniors’ spirits and provide some hope?

Wishing you all wellness, peace, and good health,



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